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16. Common errors and problems is the lack of comparison with competitors.
On 9 of 10 theses I could as an opponent to write comments on the same issue, without even looking at the work. They held insufficient analysis and comparison of proposed method to existing analogues.
The problem both in the theoretical part of the comparison and practice. And, interestingly, a review of known methods are. Their weaknesses too. And then comes the proposal of their own, beloved, vypestovannogo, nursed with blood and sweat. But to compare her with the famous, and fair conditions are almost never.
As a result of the proposed method, the man describes the flowchart beautiful draws, screens the program demonstrates, and the question is what you better method x, which also solves this problem, and can not answer anything.

17. Common errors and problems-limitations of the proposed method.
You should always clear under what conditions the method applies and gives good results in comparison with the analogues, and where it needs to be used carefully or in combination with others or not used at all.
Don't be afraid to say that the method could not. Afraid to be frivolous on the wider applicability than in reality.
PhD work is always finding its niche. You should be able to on the one hand not impudent and not say that you have invented a perpetual motion machine, and on the other its modest conquest to defend to the death.

18. typical mistakes and problems — lack of passport specialty.
One of the most dreaded problems-because when it detects automatically means the abolition of the thesis. We recommend that you review the Passport field, specify what items Passport work corresponds to, and even include some words and wording of these paragraphs in the goals and results.

19. make friends with the Scientific Secretary of the Council.
This is your first experience, he/she sees dozens of works each year and knows all the requirements. Listen carefully. Follow generally accepted rules. See point 3 is a qualifying work. And, unfortunately, or fortunately, not the best place to show their individuality.

20. do not consider the other idiots.
When you go out to defend, in its subject matter, with much probability, you will understand better than most, if not all, of the members of the Scientific Council. Just because it is a narrow niche that you personally dug up over the past three years. And they may have a completely different research interests.

But this does not mean that in a very short period of time, they will not be able to appreciate what you have done and find all the flaws that you forgot or do not have. And this is where respect for others would really help.

A separate part of this rule is don't count the idiots on their opponents. So no need to plagiarize or copy-paste (including translations of foreign articles). People who do not know how to use the Internet is almost gone. Left is that those who don't want to miss you by the hand.

Also to be considered as other enemies are almost never and no one has the goal specially you hurt, fill up or trap. They often play in the other team, they should, for example, not that you defended, and that your protection was set up by a Council or Department (in case the thesis is so bad or scandalous that a punitive gaze Vaca calls them).

21. the most important thing to always remember the main rule-sink or swim. In life there are many good people who are able and willing to help. But you still more.

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How to write a summary?

In order to quickly write a summary under great pressure of time, need something for nothing. Important-understanding of some tricks and a little luck.

First of all, you should find the basic material. It is best to download the abstracts with a similar theme, with more of their view and copy it into another document all major highlights. It is not necessary to read and understand the information. In this step, you select the pieces of text, which will continue to go to work. You should not be afraid of large amounts is better then remove extra than to look for the missing.

Once the core is formed, it must be cleaned of all unnecessary, based on the first of what should be the scope of the essay. In the process, you can slightly change the form of words, to ensure that there is no evident tautology. Hardly any teacher will read a summary-most likely, simply running through the eyes. While we're on the "testing" and expect.

The main part is separated into several paragraphs (two or three may be enough) and to write the introduction and conclusion. In fact, these two pieces of paper copy one another, from a student needs only a little modification of the text. These small items can be the only one that more or less carefully reads the teacher.

Better to add references in the article. What would be better is in the books the teacher understands, but prowl the Internet looking for your first-hand it becomes. If those abstracts, from where we took the old textbooks, text, can be a bit of a "podmuhlevat′" with the year of issue. If that's not enough, we find in search engine books with similar titles and just put them on the list.

A little more time on the design-and the summary is ready! You do not need to write custom essays and spend large sums of money. A rewrite on my manners more foreign works.

However, this method can sgodit′sâ only for set-off and the lack of free time. To claim this "scribble" on originality cannot. A careful look of an experienced "technical" enough to assess the originality of your essay.

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Executive Summary

This paper documents die Custom Risk Score (CRS 2003) redevelopment process undertaken by the Risk Management Acquisitions Group Model Development Team, a rigorous analytical and modeling effort leading to the derivation of a revised and improved FNBM CRS metric set with which to effectively evaluate and segment new account applicants for optimal profitability consistent with effective management of credit risk. The study was performed in a manner consistent with statistical and credit industry best practices, and was analytically comprised of a systematic application of Factor Analysis, Cluster Analysis, and Logistic Regression1 methods applied to a broad array of internal and external (bureau) credit history attributes pertaining to a suitable sample of FNBM accounts. The resulting tool consists of a stratified "suite" of scorecards more closely calibrated to empirically evident incoming applicant clusters, and thus represents a significant improvement over its predecessor CRS 2001, which, while effective and statistically valid in its own right, was based on a portfolio-wide single-score logistic regression underwriting model. The CRS 2003 scorecard suite development project is succincdy summarized by the following steps: □ Data preparation; □ Preliminary/exploratory data analysis; □ Factor Analysis; □ Cluster Analysis; □ Individual cluster modeling and validation.

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